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The 10 Best Sharknado GIFs

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You watched it. You loved it. There was blood, terrible acting of even more terrible dialogue. Best of all, there were sharks.

There were tiger sharks and hammerhead sharks, sharks in swimming pools and living rooms, sharks on land and in the sea… and of course, in the air. It was camp, glorious camp.

In case you missed the social media event of the week, we’ve got you covered.

First, a tiny bit of set up. Ian Ziering (better known as Steve from Beverly Hills 90210) is an aging surfer who runs a beach-front restaurant in Santa Monica. He’s been dumped by his wife, Tara Reid (better known as that chick with all the bad plastic surgery) and desperately wants a chance to make things right.

He, of course, is always accompanied by his saucy Australian best friend and Nova, the resident smart-ass hot waitress who works at his crab shack.

So, a hurricane blows in from the Pacific Ocean and aims directly at LA (that’s physically impossible because of a little thing called the jet stream, but I don’t think they care). As it’s blowing in, it picks up wind speed and scoops up a massive school of sharks who are inexplicably swimming in a pack of 500,000.

Luckily, Ian Ziering is a prescient aging-surfer and realizes immediately that there is some really bad shark juju coming their way.

Then, the awesome begins.

What follows are 2 hours of sheer ridiculousness.

I’ve scoured the internet and selected only the very best representations, in GIF form, in order to keep reliving everything about Sharknado ad infinitum.

So click though, and enjoy.