America wants San Antonio Spurs to beat Miami Heat in the NBA Finals (Photo)

Credit: ESPN
Credit: ESPN /

A large majority of basketball fans have not enjoyed watching the Miami Heat dominate the Eastern Conference for four straight seasons.

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Ever since LeBron’s ‘decision’ to take his talents to South Beach, the Heat have been the No. 1 enemy of the NBA. Of course, all of the hate has not stopped the Heat from reaching it’s fourth straight Finals and the opportunity to three peat as champions.

It is natural for fans to dislike teams that consistently win, but when the NBA Finals matches up two teams that perennially win, who will NBA fans be rooting for? Well according to a SportsNation poll on ESPN, 49 states are rooting for the San Antonio Spurs to take down the Miami Heat.

Check out the poll below. If you want to take the poll, click here.

Credit: ESPN
Credit: ESPN /

The lone state rooting for the Miami Heat is of course Florida. Not even Alaskan NBA fans are rooting for the Heat to three peat. Does nobody in this country enjoy basketball history? Does nobody care that the Heat could three peat and seal their names in the history books forever? Well apparently not.

The Heat will take on the Spurs in a rematch of last year’s epic seven game Finals series. The first game of the Finals will take place on June 5th on ABC at 9 PM ET.

Here is the full Finals schedule:

Game 1 – Thursday at San Antonio 9:00PM ABC
Game 2 – Sunday at San Antonio 8:00PM ABC
Game 3 – June 10 at Miami 9:00PM ABC
Game 4 – June 12 at Miami 9:00PM ABC
Game 5 * June 15 at San Antonio 8:00PM ABC
Game 6 * June 17 at Miami 9:00PM ABC
Game 7 * June 20 at San Antonio ABC

*- if necessary