Ban on Internet fast lanes proposed


A new piece of legislation was introduced to members of Congress on Tuesday that addresses concerns regarding Internet “fast lanes”.

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According to the Washington Post, the new proposal, which was brought forth by Senate Judiciary Committee chair Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), would require the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to monitor Internet service providers to make sure that certain content isn’t being sped up “at the expense of others”.

This new proposal, known as the Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act, would limit the power of ISP’s, which are seeking to end the idea of net neutrality by forcing companies to pay a premium for better quality delivery to consumers.

“Americans are speaking loud and clear,” said Leahy via the Post. “They want an Internet that is a platform for free expression and innovation, where the best ideas and services can reach consumers based on merit rather than based on a financial relationship with a broadband provider.”

Though this new bill is unlikely to go into law, it’s good to see that there are members of Congres who know just how bad these new net neutrality rules are.

The FCC is in the middle of a public comment period. To make your voice heard regarding net neutrality, visit the FCC’s official website.

Mike’s Musings: I’m not going to sit here and spew my thoughts on an open Internet seeing as I’ve done that numerous times. But what I will say is that you can help make a difference by voicing your concerns at this link!