Celtic’s Marcus Smart won’t repeat Texas Tech incident in NBA


Marcus Smart is going to be cool headed in the NBA. He’s well known for his one lapse in composure – the time he shoved a fan, who had been shouting racial slurs at Smart. He has otherwise stayed out of trouble, on and off the court.

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“The one incident back there at Oklahoma State, that was just something that happened,” Smart said, via CSN New England. “Everybody is going to have a high emotional breakdown, and that was my one.”

He exhibited maturity in summer league, taking his first tough loss and first poor person performance in stride against the Orlando Magic. He went 3-for-15 from the field and 1-for-5 from the 3-point line. The team, which had been leading 30-14, lost 96-77.

“You just really know who you are,” Smart said. “You don’t really think about [struggling] and let that phase you. You just keep your mind in a place where you know you’re comfortable.”

A blemish is a blemish. NBA players know about Smart’s history of losing his temper — even if it was only once. Many will see if they can get under his skin. They will poke and prod at him with trash talk and see if he boils over.

“Definitely. I expect that,” Smart said. ” … It’s funny to see guys try to get me rattled because I really don’t. It’s just something that happened. But I expect it to keep happening in the near future. I’m well prepared for it, I’ve been learning, and I learn from my mistakes.”