Wheel Of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Has Meltdown Over Dumb Guesses (Video)


Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak goes nuts after contestants continue to make dumb guesses trying to solve the puzzle.

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You can’t help but feel bad for Pat Sajak. The weatherman turned face of “Wheel Of Fortune” has dealt with a lot of stupidity during his three decade run as host of the game show.

Apparently all of that frustration came out on a recent episode as contestants, completely perplexed in their attempt to solve a puzzle began shouting out guesses. In fairness to them, it wasn’t exactly an easy answer to guess as the only hit was “what are you doing” but you’d reasonably assume you’d need to pick a task related item, correct?

One contest decided he’d unleash an improbable answer and understandably heard the buzzer of death behind him. The next contestant? Well, she didn’t do much better.

Having had enough, Pat Sajak walked off his steps as if he was going to leave the set before screaming out “WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A HORSE” as he shook his arms in frustration.

Of course Sajak wasn’t really mad and was simply having fun with the audience and those watching along at home who were probably thinking “what the hell are these people smoking”.

As for the actual answer to the puzzle, it doesn’t seem as if “Wheel Of Fortune” would ever discriminate against horses and list them by color, so while the answer could have had something to do with the equestrian field it probably didn’t involve picking out the color of the mammal.

One would have assumed that to be the case after the first “Wheel Of Fortune” contestant was laughed at for his suggestion, but apparently not.

Shame Pat Sajak didn’t just throws his cards in the air and start flipping around the letter windows with his middle fingers in the air. Now that would have made for some must-see TV.

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