Devin Smith’s mom doesn’t want him playing for the Browns

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Devin Smith’s mom seems utterly unexcited about her son possibly playing for the Browns.

Most NFL Draft prospects just want to get drafted, to play somewhere. But, if they are really being honest, they probably have a preference about where they want to end up. And even if they don’t, their parents might. Devin Smith’s mom definitely does.

When asked on NFL Network whether or not she wanted to see her son, the former Ohio State Buckeye, play for the Cleveland Browns, Mrs. Smith responded in a less than enthusiastic way.

"Melissa Stark: How would you like to see him end up with the Browns? Mrs. Smith: “Um…”Stark: “Stay close to home?”Mrs. Smith: “He can if he wants.”"

Sorry, Mrs. Smith. That’s not exactly how it works. Devin does not have much of a choice in the matter.

So, maybe Cleveland is not her first choice of teams for her son to play on. That’s fair. Unless you’re from Cleveland or grew up a Browns fan, you’re probably in the same boat.

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Ultimately, even our professional athletes are human, despite what we’re told. If you are an NFL prospect and can find up in any of 30 different cities,  you’re going to have a preference, just like everyone else. Not all 30 will be equal.

If you grew up a die-hard Bears fan, maybe you’d rather not join your bitter rival Green Bay Packers or Minnesota Vikings. If you’re born and raised in Southern California, maybe you would prefer not to spend the duration of your first contract in a city with snow on the ground six months out of the year – though, it worked out well for Aaron Rodgers.

Although Cleveland is not Mrs. Smith’s first choice of NFL organizations, we guarantee that if her son ends up there she will be rocking the jersey and cheering along with the Dawg Pound.

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