Parachute jumper almost takes out Lions players (Video)


The Detroit Lions almost got taken out of their game against the Vikings before it even started. 

When you want to celebrate America before a football game, you tend to want to go balls out with your show of affection. One of the most classic ways to do this, especially in open air stadiums, is to have a parachute jumper glide in and nail a perfect landing to fire up the crowd.

There are times the landing isn’t so perfect and players suddenly transform from spectators to obstacles.

Before the Lions-Vikings game started on Sunday, a parachute jumper almost took out the Lions players as they were lined up on the sideline for the national anthem.

These are always risky propositions as you can never fully predict what the conditions are going to be on the field before you jump. A sudden gust of wind can change things in a big way, and whatever happened here almost ended up really bad for the Lions.

Then again, Detroit doesn’t need any help getting taken out in bizarre ways — they have an easy enough time getting in their own way and taking themselves out. They don’t need a parachuter to do the job for them.

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