Vesper Lynd


Vesper Lynd: You think of women as disposable pleasures, rather than meaningful pursuits. So as charming as you are, Mr. Bond, I will be keeping my eye on our government’s money, and off your perfectly-formed arse.

Name: Vesper Lynd

Portrayed By: Eva Green

Appearances: Casino Royale


Vesper Lynd works for HM Treasury. However, it becomes evident that she is a double agent working for terrorist organization Quantum. Quantum has “kidnapped” her boyfriend, and must work for the organization in order to assure his safety. Her boyfriend, though, is secretly a Quantum agent himself.

Vesper is revealed to be an orphan, just like James Bond.

Relationship With Bond

Vesper Lynd is sent to accompany Bond on his mission to defeat terrorist funder Le Chiffre in a high stakes poker tournament. Lynd manages the funds sponsoring Bond’s inclusion in the tournament.

When Bond first loses to Le Chiffre, Lynd refuses to bankroll his continued efforts in the tournament, knowing that the money would allow Bond to win the competition, and thus sign her boyfriend’s death warrant.

Lynd is involved in several altercations with Bond during the tournament. In the first, she is present when Bond kills Steven Obanno, a death that causes her immense guilt. Crying in the shower, Bond comforts her.

In a second altercation, Bond is poisoned by Le Chiffre. When Bond fails to use the defibrillator in his car before succumbing to the effects, Lynd finds him and saves his life.

When Bond defeats Le Chiffre, Le Chiffre captures Lynd. Bond rushes to save her, but Le Chiffre ties Lynd up and leaves her in the middle of the road, causing Bond to crash his car to avoid hitting her.

Bond wakes up tied to a chair. Le Chiffre tortures Bond for the password that would get him the tournament winnings, which he needs in order to re-pay Mr. White. Bond and Lynd escape after Mr. White comes in and murders Le Chiffre and his men.

Following this, Bond and Lynd fall in love and briefly share a happy existence. However, Lynd’s betrayal of Bond comes back to haunt her. In Venice, where Bond has retired to live the rest of his life with Lynd, she tries to transfer Bond’s tournament winnings to Quantum in order to clear her from harm and save her boyfriend.

Instead, she is kidnapped by Mr. White and his henchmen. Bond gives chase, trying to find and save Lynd, who is trapped in an elevator. The Quantum agents use explosives to collapse the building, sending the elevator into the water below. Bond tries his best to save her but fails.

To gain revenge, Bond retrieves Mr. White’s information from Lynd’s phone. Bond tracks the man down, shoots him in the leg, and apprehends him by locking him in the trunk of a car.

Bond later (in Quantum of Solace) tracks down Lynd’s “boyfriend,” saving a woman who would have found herself in the same fate as Lynd, and leaving the man, Yusef Kabira, to be apprehended by MI6.

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