Spectre Aston Martin DB10 Up For Auction


Christie’s is running a charity auction to celebrate the 24th James Bond film Spectre. Among the auctioned items will be James Bond’s signature car in the film, an Aston Martin DB10.

Art auction company Christie’s will be holding an auction, live in London and online, to sell off Spectre memorabilia for charity. The event will take place on Feb. 18.

Among those items put up for auction is James Bond’s car in Spectre, a silver Aston Martin DB10 sports car. The car was made by Aston Martin exclusively for use in the film. This is the first Aston Martin DB10 to be released for public sale. The car also includes within a plaque signed by James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

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The Aston Martin is James Bond’s signature car, which has appeared in the films and books throughout the run of the franchise.

Also up for auction from the film is an Omega watch worn by Craig in the film and a laptop computer used by Ben Whishaw’s Q in the film.

The Bong films have featured Aston Martin’s beginning in Goldfinger. This third Bond installment featured an Aston Martin DB5. Casino Royale, Craig’s debut as the spy, features a scene that shows the origin of the car. Bond wins the car in a high stakes poker game in the Bahamas.

An invisible Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is also notably featured in Die Another Day.

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