Is Daniel Craig Officially Done With Bond?


Several sources have reported James Bond actor Daniel Craig’s exit from the Bond franchise.

Both The Sun and The Independent are reporting that four-time James Bond actor Daniel Craig may be officially out of the next Bond installment.

The reports say that Craig is signed up to star in several seasons–at least 20 episodes–of a television adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s novel Purity.

To be fair, The Independent placed an addendum on their article, stating that no official announcement has been made in regards to Craig’s status in the yet to be named 25th installment of James Bond. Still, he is set to appear in this new series.

Purity is currently being shopped to networks, reportedly Showtime and FX, among others. The series will be co-written by Franzen himself.

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What this all means is that Craig leaving Bond remains an unofficial rumor. However, this new Purity wrinkle is rather telling.

Craig has already showed apprehension at returning for a fifth Bond film. The press circuit for Spectre made it clear that the job had gotten to Craig, so much so that he claimed that he would rather “slash his own wrists” than return to the role.

Add to these comments a starring role in what seems set to be a long-running television series, and it feels likely that Craig is done with Bond. An actor stressed with a franchise role would not logically add a series starring role on top of that workload. What is most likely is that Craig and Sony both know that he is not returning, and they are waiting on announcing the news until a new actor has been cast.

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Of course, this all pure speculation.

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