Air Jordan IV x KAWS Is Set To Release This Spring And They’re Worth Every Penny


While there’s no release date set in stone other than “Spring 2017,” it might be wise to put the Air Jordan IV x KAWS shoe on your radar now so your wallet can prepare itself for the purchase.

Why? Because this shoe is a masterpiece. An expensive masterpiece at that, but great things usually don’t come cheap — especially from KAWS, the artist who has his hands on about a thousand different things on a dizzying array of platforms.

After taking a look at the photos, I’m pretty sure this is probably a sneaker you don’t want to miss out on due to foolishly sinking chunks of cash into countless forthcoming sneaker releases.

via Kicks On Fire

As the kids say, these are straight fire.

And no, this release most certainly will NOT be taking an “L.”

From Kicks On Fire:

"The KAWS x Air Jordan 4 features a full Cool Grey suede upper that has some texturing to it for a unique look. Other details include co-branded heel tabs, a nubuck/suede midsole, waxed laces, and an icy translucent glow-in-the-dark outsole with KAWS graphics."

Here’s an extreme closeup of said texturing.

via Kicks On Fire

And anothuh’ one.

via Kicks On Fire

Now for the all-important aerial view, otherwise known as how you will always see them should these beauties ever reside on your feet.

via Kicks On Fire

When it comes to any iteration of the Jordan IVs, we always need a look at the heel.

via Kicks On Fire

I must say, the mix of cool grey and the mint green sole is pretty much perfect.

And finally, a nice shot from the artist himself:

This union of genius marks the first of what will hopefully be many Jordan Brand/KAWS collaborations.

As of right now, the consistently rumored price of the shoe is said to be $350.

Tough to justify for a pair of sneakers when you really think about, but I suppose it depends on how often you’re dropping money on sneakers as well as how deep your Jordan addiction runs.

NOTE: We’ll update the post as soon as we have a release date that’s a little more specific than “Spring 2017.”


According to Just Fresh Kicks, there is just one confirmed online release (UBIQ was an in-store raffle only, people) set for Friday, 3/31 and that’s at KAWS.

We’ll update the list if other retailers are added for online purchase. But if it’s not even on Nike’s page, it’s safe to say it’s KAWS or nothing.

So, yeah, best of luck with that mission!*

[*This is more commonly known as… you’ll get nothing and like it.]




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