Nike Unveils The PG1, Paul George’s Signature Shoe That Features His FACE


Pacers star Paul George just became the 21st basketball player to receive a signature shoe from Nike, which is a pretty special honor when you take a look at the sneaker giant’s deep history.

Per Nike, in its 44 years of existence, fewer than one percent of its lengthy list of endorsed athletes have been given their very own signature shoe. To call it an exclusive group would be putting it lightly, so I’m guessing Paul George has been doing backflips — hopefully not, though — since Nike’s official announcement.

As Chris Jericho might say, guess what Paul George? YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

So with that, ladies and gentleman, I give you the “PG1”:

via Nike

My first reaction was that — while they look like perfectly fine sneakers — they seem surprisingly muted. No hint of the Pacers’ yellow or navy, and nothing that really jumped out and struck a chord, telling me this is a signature shoe and not just another gem by Nike.

It does sport George’s No. 13 on the heel but I’m still stuck on this shoe feeling like a colorway that would follow the original, rather than this serving as the original.

via Nike

However, I must say that I do love the “PG” logo lockup on the tongue.

via Nike

That logo is going to look even better on a hat that will soon reside on my head.

Now right here is where things get a little weird.

The shoe features a “unique sock-liner” also known as Paul George’s FACE.

And not just his likeness, it’s an actual photo of Paul George printed on the sock-liner.

It seemed strange enough that I checked three different sites after seeing a tweet of the photo to confirm that this wasn’t just someone screwing around with photoshop.

But it’s real. Very real.

In fact, it’s all too real.

via Nike

I like the concept, I hate the execution.

Why not use a cartoon likeness of George — a caricature, a sketch, an artistic rendering, etc. — or some kind of creative silhouette indicating it is, in fact, No. 13?

Which is to say, go the fun route or the creative route.

What we have above is the “let’s get this damn thing into production” route.

Alas, we can’t have it all. It’s still a great looking shoe that just so happens to greet your foot in a very blunt manner.

George is set to debut the “PG1” on Thursday in fitting fashion when the Pacers play the Nuggets on the international stage in London.

The “PG1” will retail for $110. Specifics of the launch beyond the price have yet to be announced by Nike.




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