Predicting when every NHL team will win its next Stanley Cup

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Los Angeles Kings

Most NHL analyst and fans will shoot straight to the idea the age of the Los Angeles Kings making deep runs into the Stanley Cup Playoffs are over; and that the Kings are “too old” entering 2018-19.

Yet, that’s not the case and fans should expect the Kings to have at least one more year where they turn heads around the league and prove their doubters wrong. Yes, teams with an average age of 27-28 usually find the most success in the “today’s” NHL and have the best shot at winning a Stanley Cup – just ask Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Still, it’s always promising when the timing is in favor for a club that goes against the grain, and the timing is right for the Kings to win now. Los Angeles has a handful of aging and former all-star caliber skaters (30 or older) such as defenseman Dion Phaneuf, Ilya Kovalchuk, Dustin Brown, Jeff Carter and even goaltender Jonathan Quick can be thrown into that boy’s club.

Still, with all of those veteran-star players combined an uncanny chemistry is going to be formed and they’ll be able to push the Kings over the hump one last time.

Keep in mind that Drew Doughty will be playing distracted fee after signing his eight-year contract-extension, worth $56 million, this past offseason; and forward Tyler Toffoli is ready to have a career season.

No, Kovalchuk probably won’t be the same player but his skill sets and presence take pressure off other skaters and one such as Anze Kopitar – it opens more doors, time and space for the offense to be more dynamic and produce.

Los Angeles will win its next Stanley Cup in 2019.