Predicting when every NHL team will win its next Stanley Cup

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Minnesota Wild

The State of Hockey keeps asking itself over and over again – “is it ever going to happen?”

Will the Minnesota Wild win a Stanley Cup championship soon, or will they end up joining a short list of teams that have gone almost their first twenty seasons without winning a Cup?

The Wild thought that they would be setting themselves up for at least one Stanley Cup, after Minnesota signed forward Zach Parise and defenseman Ryan Suter to long-term deals in 2012. Still, the Wild haven’t advanced past the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs since that time, and have only reached as far as the Western Conference Finals once (2003).

Things begin to look more and more complicated by each passing season, especially with Parise consistently unable to play a full season due to injuries. Though, Eric Staal took everyone back to school, just when he was doubted most, and reminded NHL fans alike that he’s somehow still a 40 goal-scorer and led the Wild with 76 points last season (42 goals, 34 assists).

Staal, 33, is a Stanley Cup champion and a key asset in the equation for Minnesota to finally win a Cup, but the Wild are still one player shy from being a legitimate contender.

The time is now for the Wild’s front office to acquire a potential big named skater and make a blockbuster deal that could also clear up salary-cap space. However, that’s easier said than done, and could take some time.

The best shot that the Wild have to win is on the horizon, and a Cup in 2021 sounds about right for the State of Hockey.