Ranking the top 10 games on Nintendo Switch

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2. Super Mario Odyssey

Simply put, Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece and a must-own for anyone with a Nintendo Switch. Between its beautiful graphics, tremendous gameplay and the way it both calls back to and builds on nearly every classic Mario game that came before it, this is one of the best Super Mario games ever made.

While the main campaign can be completed in about 15 hours or so, the replay value doesn’t stop after the end credits roll, since there are challenges, unlockables and entirely new worlds that open up after completing the story mode — in addition to whatever Power Moons you didn’t collect along the way, in classic Mario fashion.

Not so surprisingly, the story doesn’t bring anything new to the table; you’re still chasing Bowser to save a kidnapped Princess Peach. But the new gameplay element — Mario’s hat who has a soul, named Cappy — opens up door upon door of new possibilities, including an attack function, using him as a jumping pad and the ability to possess various enemies within the extended Mushroom Kingdom (like a T-Rex!).

The different worlds are as enjoyably diverse as you’d expect from a Mario game (there’s literally a place called New Donk City, and it’s as fantastic as you’d imagined), and even though the game isn’t exceedingly difficult, there are so many hidden and hard-to-reach Power Moons to find it’ll keep you puzzling well beyond one run through the story mode. Seriously, there are 880 unique Power Moons to find in this game. You’re gonna be there for awhile if you want them all.

From the ridiculous depth amount of depth even after the main story mode ends to the various new gameplay mechanics to just being another stellar Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey is an instant classic, one of the best games on the Switch and one of the best games ever made.