Ranking the top 10 games on Nintendo Switch

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3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As the name suggests, this is the Super Smash Bros. to end all Super Smash Bros. games. Aside from finally being able to take this beloved franchise on the go without sacrificing graphical quality (sorry, 3DS version), the latest iteration features more characters, stages and play modes than any version that came before it.

The base game features a staggering 74-character roster, including 63 fighters from past entries and 11 new ones. Some of them are shadow fighters, but with one DLC pack already released and another on the way, this game will eventually boast 88 playable characters, not to mention over 100 stages.

From the 20-plus hours it takes to get through the single-player campaign, to seeing Banjo Kazooie finally square off with your favorite Nintendo characters, to being able to have eight fighters on the screen at the same time, this truly is the ultimate Super Smash Bros. game. Its dizzying maze of customizable options, create-able stages and various playing modes might feel overwhelming if it wasn’t so easy to waste hours at a time in regular Smash mode.

The gameplay itself is as good as its ever been, trading in some wonkier mechanics from Brawl and the Wii U version (remember tripping?) to revert closer to Melee. This is great news for Ultimate, since it adds new, welcome elements like zooming in for a slow-motion close-up on an automatic K.O. when only two characters remain. Aside from the one minor gripe of WaLuigi being an assist trophy instead of a playable character (please fix this, DLC!), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the best multiplayer game you can possibly own on Nintendo Switch.