Ranking the top 10 games on Nintendo Switch

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9. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Full confession: No entry will ever top the original Luigi’s Mansion, a cult classic that helped launch Gamecube and was so delightfully different in its concept and execution that it still holds up to this day. However, anyone who enjoyed the goofy and eccentric vibes of the original will be happy to know that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is another wacky, charming and extremely well thought-out game.

In this latest Switch iteration, Luigi, his brother Mario, Peach and the Toads check into a hotel rather than a mansion, but that change gives the game 17 floors to explore, each with its own themes, puzzles and clever gimmicks.

Professor E. Gadd has added quite a few new features to Luigi’s trusty Poltergust too, so it’s not just the old tried and true formula of blasting a ghost with a flashlight and then vacuuming it up while it’s stunned. No, Luigi now has a suction shot (shooting a plunger at an object and then sucking it back up to throw or pull the still-attached object), a body slam for ghosts that are misbehaving while they’re being sucked up, a burst that blows air in the opposite direction, and even a dark light to reveal hidden secrets (somehow Nintendo managed to mix a black light and hotel rooms without yielding disastrous results). And that’s saying nothing of Gooigi, a deployable clone made out of goo who can slip through fences, grates and steel bars but melts in water.

All these elements make for some nifty puzzle-solving, and the boss battles — while immensely frustrating until the “AHA!” moment arrives — are riveting, adrenaline-pumping affairs. Those who just want to play through a classic Nintendo story can do so in about 15 hours, and those who are more thorough will enjoy combing through each floor for the myriad of collectibles and upgradable features that lend to the game’s replay value.