Steven Adams plans to celebrate his birthday in the bubble by ‘having a feed’

Steven Adams, Oklahoma City Thunder. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Steven Adams, Oklahoma City Thunder. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Steven Adams uses similar vernacular to consuming food to that of an animal.

Steven Adams looks to be born in the summer of his 27th year in the Orlando NBA bubble.

The Oklahoma City Thunder big man looks to be right at home in a place he’s probably never been before, or for that long. Either way, the most interesting man in the NBA today is having a birthday celebration inside of the bubble at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. While he could get a haircut (he won’t), he plans to “have a feed” to ring in the new year for him.

Per ESPN’s Royce Young, “Steven Adams on living in the bubble: ‘Let’s be clear: This is not Syria. It’s not that hard … We’re living at a bloody resort. Everyone is going to complain, everyone has their own preferences, nothing too serious. Just a bit of dry food here and there.'”

Young added it’s Adams 27th birthday and his plans to celebrate the occasion. “Adams turns 27 today (actually yesterday in New Zealand, he noted). His plans: ‘Might just play a bit of chess. Have a feed. Go by the pool. Do a bit of study and that’s it. Just another day.'” Young has been persuaded to adding “have a feed” to his vernacular instead of “go eat”. Adams is a living legend.

Do you plan to “have a feed” in the near future like Steven Adams?

For as much as we try to lie to ourselves about it every single day, we are animals. Yes, being able to walk on two feet, possess opposable thumbs, communicate verbally and display a wide array of emotions beyond just your basic instinctual four is truly amazing stuff. But there’s not a lot separating you from your furry friends. When it’s dinner time, it’s about putting food in one’s belly.

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We use more cliches than even imaginable to describe the act of consuming food. “Having a bite to eat”, “cooking dinner”, “having something to nibble on”, those phrases have run their course. At this juncture, you are either “having a feed” or you’re not. No matter if you’re celebrating your birthday inside of a basketball bubble or outside in the “real world” we’ll all have the need to “have a feed.”

Happy birthday, Steven! Hopefully you have the greatest feed today in your 27 years of existence.