Lovecraft Country: Everything you need to know about Christina Braithwhite

Here’s everything you need to know about the character Christina Braithwhite in Lovecraft Country.

Warning! This story contains spoilers for Lovecraft Country episode 9.

HBO’s Lovecraft Country is full of complex, unique characters with their own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. And because of that, it’s worth breaking down and analyzing all of the show’s main characters to understand more about them.

Last week’s profile was all about Dee Freeman, the daughter of Hippolyta and George Freeman, and the cousin of Atticus. In episode 8, Dee had a curse put on her by Captain Lancaster, which made monsters (two little girls) that no one else could see attack her. After succumbing to their attacks, in episode 9, the Freeman family reached out to Christina Braithwhite for help. So, let’s take a look at what’s up with Christina Braithwhite and how she’ll affect the finale of the show.

Read on below to learn more about the character Abbey Lee plays in Lovecraft Country, Christina Braithwhite.

Christina Braithwhite Lovecraft Country character profile

Christina Braithwhite: introduction and overview

Christina Braithwhite is an ambitious, mysterious, and magical young woman who wants to become immortal. Christina was not allowed to be a member of the Sons of Adam, which is a male-only society that her father’s the head of. After the death of her father, Samuel Braithwhite, Christina travels to Chicago to get to the pages of Titus Braithwhite from Atticus and his family to help complete her immortality spell. Christina will stop at nothing to get what she wants in order to become immortal, something her father couldn’t do.


Christina Braithwhite is the daughter of Samuel Braithwhite, leader of the Sons of Adam, who are sorcerers that torment Tic and his family during their journey. He cared about his own goal to enter the Garden of Eden than paying attention to his own daughter. Christina informs Atticus that her father wants to open the doors to the Garden of Eden so he can step into eternal life. With Tic being a direct descendant of Titus, his blood can help Samuel accomplish his goal. Even though Samuel was so concerned about his own plans than his own daughter, Christina knows the things her father did are unforgivable. Though she still comes running whenever he needs her help. After her father dies in the ceremony, Christina travels to Chicago and sets up her own agenda to get the stolen pages of the Book of Names.

Atticus and Christina are related through Atticus’ great ancestor Titus Braithwhite, and the two form an unfriendly relationship. They are distant cousins, but Atticus doesn’t trust Christina nor her plans for the Book of Names. Once Atticus returns from the future, he needs her help more than ever. Atticus decides to trade the key from the orrery for help from Christina about the spellwork. Christina tells him to properly cast a spell, one needs energy, intention, and a body, not just an incantation. Christina shows him the protection symbol he’ll need to trace near wherever he casts a spell.

Christina also poses as William in order to get to Leti’s sister, Ruby. Later on, Ruby finally finds out that Christina is pretending to be William the entire time. Christiana tells Ruby her plans for the Order and the Book of Names. Ruby starts to learn magic from Christina and unsure feelings start to develop between the two. We are unsure if Ruby is in love with Christina/William, but Christina definitely has feelings for Ruby.


Christina arranged for Leti to get her inheritance money from her “mother” to buy the Winthrop House. It was initially owned by a man named Horatio Winthrop, who was a founding member of the Sons of Adam, like Atticus’ grand-ancestor Titus Braithwhite. Christina wants Horatio’s pages in order to decode the “Language of Adam” in its entirety. She is trying to find member Hiram Epstein’s orrery in the house, which she can’t access since she is forbidden from entering Leti’s home due to a protection spell. Christina doesn’t know that Hippolyta takes the orrery’s from the house.

After revealing William’s true disguise, Christina explains to Ruby how the Order of the Ancient Dawn does not accept women, so she sought William out and seduced him into being her teacher. The more she learned, the more power she wanted to. She completed William’s spell at the beginning of bigger ambitions. Christina decides to loop Ruby in on her secrets about her family and magic.

When Diana is affected by Captain Lancester’s spell, Atticus decides to call Christina to try to remove the spell before it spreads. Ruby convinces Christina to help, and Christina says she will perform the spell only if Atticus agrees to come back with her to Ardham on the night of the autumnal equinox. Christina lets Atticus know she is planning to achieve immortality during the fall equinox, doing what the Sons never could.

Strengths and weaknesses

Christina has a vulnerable side to her when it comes to Ruby. Ruby asked Christina if she cared about what happened to Emmett Till and she said she didn’t care what happened to him. Christina decided to take upon herself to pay some white guys to reenact what sort of happened to Emmett Till. This showed that she cared about Ruby and wanted to know what it felt like to be put in a position like Emmett Till. It was in this moment that we saw a different side of Christina — maybe wanting to be able to relate to Ruby’s experiences and feelings.

Leti offers Christina the last of Titus’ pages in exchange to put an invulnerability spell on Atticus.  Christina says she won’t do it for him, but she’s willing to place the spell on Leti. Christina gives her the Mark of Cain, her father’s invulnerability spell. Christina realized it could be used to heal someone. You notice when it comes to doing favors for men, Christina doesn’t seek to help them. But if a woman asks, she will.

What’s next?

In the finale, it will be interesting to see how Christina will seek out her plan to become immortal. Will she betray Ruby’s trust and hurt Leti and Atticus? What will happen to Christina once she becomes immortal, and what does this mean for her relationship with Ruby? Ruby was turning Dell into a redhead at the beginning of episode 9 and Christina seemed satisfied that Ruby was finding her way. What will come next for Christina if her plans work at Ardham?

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