Patrick Mahomes impressed by Anthony Edwards’ dunk of the year candidate

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images /

Even Patrick Mahomes was impressed by Anthony Edwards’ Dunk of the Year submission.

On Friday night, Minnesota Timberwolves rookie and reigning No. 1 overall draft pick Anthony Edwards was allowed to end Yuta Watanabe’s NBA career, and the league just sit back and let it happen.

In one swift and sudden moment, Edwards drove the baseline, rose up and absolutely detonated over the poor Toronto Raptors big with the clear frontrunner for Dunk of the Year. He had a choice, and the rook chose violence.

NBA Twitter was absolutely shook by one of the best in-game dunks ever, and it even caught the attention of the Kansas City Chiefs‘ star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes:

Anthony Edwards’ dunk left Patrick Mahomes in disbelief too

A simple “woah” with a shocked, eyes-wide-open emoji pretty much says it all here. Simply put, we haven’t seen an in-game dunk of this magnitude in a long time. This is right up there with Dwyane Wade pummeling Anderson Varejao, DeAndre Jordan laying Brandon Knight in a coffin and maybe even Vince Carter’s legendary smash on Frederic Weis.

Mahomes has been known to tweet about other players’ accomplishments, even outside the NFL. He’s not shy about sharing praise or attention when the situation calls for it, and Edwards’ Dunk of the Year submission was certainly fitting that category.

Although the Timberwolves lost on Friday in their lowest-scoring game of the season, and even though Edwards wasn’t particularly good in that contest, finishing with 7 points on 3-of-14 shooting, dwelling on that for more than a moment is the wrong way to go about it. This dunk — even if it’s just one highlight play — was an instant classic.

No one will remember who won this game or what Edwards’ stat line was five years from now, but everyone will remember this incredible feat of athleticism that sparked joy and even got Mahomes’ attention.

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