Thunder: Watch the worst fast break attempt in NBA history (Video)

Theo Maledon, Oklahoma City Thunder. (Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports)
Theo Maledon, Oklahoma City Thunder. (Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports) /

On March 22, 2021, the worst fast break attempt in the history of the NBA occurred, thanks to Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Theo Maledon. He followed it up by turning the ball over.

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Theo Maledon will be roasted alive on his team’s next film session after completing the worst fast break attempt in the history of the NBA. This was the equivalent of Nick Anderson missing free throws. Hopefully, Maledon will recover from this.

Maledon thought he had an easy dunk on a fast break, but too bad he stuffed himself on the attempt. Oh, you better believe he recovered his rebound. Of course, he tried to flush it down again, but once again, he was unsuccessful. After Minnesota Timberwolves missed a transition jumper, Maledon got the ball back only to turn it over again. He is a having himself a very bad time.

Theo Maledon epitomizes what playing down to the T’Wolves level looks like

Look, just because you are playing the Timberwolves does not mean you have to play like the Timberwolves. Maledon, you are a professional athlete, so play like one. You and your Thunder buddies are counting on you to make the transition bucket when you get the opportunity. Unfortunately, you have become the leading candidate for The Shaqtin a Fool of the year, man.

Just because you play for the Thunder does not mean you get to be a Fool in the Rain on the hardwood. People would have paid a lot of money to watch you play basketball tonight, but we are in the midst of a global pandemic, so we should be glad about all the money they saved by not going to the Target Center. Then again, we have to think about stimulating the poor economy, now.

Not all heroes wear capes, especially Maledon, the man who cannot dunk for the life of him.

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