Josh Donaldson takes a flamethrower to Lucas Giolito, Ozzie Guillen in insane press conference

Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson. (Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports)
Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson. (Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports) /

Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson had a fiery response to Lucas Giolito as their sticky substance dispute ramped up with Ozzie Guillen in the crossfire.

If you thought the feud between Josh Donaldson and Lucas Giolito was going to wind down, think again.

Giolito called Donaldson “a f—ing pest” and accused him of making a “classless move” after he celebrated a home run against the pitcher by saying “hands not sticky anymore” as he crossed home plate.

Donaldson made no bones about his issues with Giolito on Wednesday before the Twins took on the White Sox again on Wednesday.

“If we’re going to talk about class, which side are you going to choose? Are you going to take the side of someone who is playing the game fair or are you going to take the side of someone that was probably cheating before this happened?” Donaldson said, per Jesse Rogers of ESPN.

Josh Donaldson and Lucas Giolito are still going at it

Donaldson extended his anger to former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, who said he would have thrown at the third baseman after his home plate comment.

“You have Ozzie Guillen talking sh*t about me! You were a career under .700 OPS, man. My worst season in the big leagues is 150 points higher than that. This coming from a guy who (said good things) about Fidel Castro!! What are we doing around here?” Donaldson continued, per ESPN AM 1000 in Chicago.

Apparently, Donaldson and Giolito spoke in the parking lot after Tuesday’s game as well.

The White Sox narrowly beat the Twins on Tuesday night, 7-6. Donaldson opened the scoring with his first-inning home run, then Chicago took over with seven runs to take a commanding lead. Minnesota’s late rally fell just short.

The two teams will square off again on Wednesday in what is sure to be a charged meeting.

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