Mets release scathing statement supporting fans instead of Javier Baez

The New York Mets president Sandy Alderson responded harshly to Javier Baez’s “thumbs down” gesture directed at fans: “Booing is every fan’s right.”

The New York Mets have officially weighed in on the Javier Baez “thumbs down” celebration. They are not happy about it.

Team president Sandy Alderson released a statement on Sunday evening, denouncing Baez’s actions as unprofessional.

“These comments, and any gestures by him and other players with a similar intent, are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Alderson said.

After the Mets beat the Nationals, Baez revealed his “thumbs down” celebration was a response to fans booing the team during their recent downswing. Essentially, if fans are going to boo the players’ poor performances, the players are going to dish it back when they succeed.

Naturally, that didn’t go over very well with fans or team officials.

The Mets are not going along with Javier Baez’s “thumbs down”

Here is the full statement:

In a post-game press conference today, Javy Baez stated that his “thumbs down” gesture during the game was a message to fans who recently have booed him and other players for poor performance. These comments, and any gestures by him or other players with a similar intent, are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Mets fans are understandably frustrated over the team’s recent performance. The players and the organization are equally frustrated, but fans at Citi Field have every right to express their own disappointment. Booing is every fan’s right.

The Mets will not tolerate any player gesture that is unprofessional in its meaning or is directed in a negative way toward our fans. I will be meeting with our players and staff to convey this message directly.

Mets fans are loyal, passionate, knowledgeable and more than willing to express themselves. We love them for every one of these qualities.

The statement is pretty unequivocal. The Mets are not on board with players giving the thumb to the fans who pay their salaries.

Baez and his teammates have a point about fan support. Booing doesn’t motivate a player to get better. It’s not a constructive response to frustration. More importantly, the players are humans and it’s always better to treat fellow humans with respect.

At the same time, Baez clearly didn’t think through the implications of this particular protest. The fans pay their hard-earned money to watch the team play. Turning around and disrespecting them is not the way to engage. It’s definitely not the best way to convince fans not to boo. If anything, Baez should expect a more harsh response out on the field after all this.

He’s now added a stern talking-to from management to his plate.