Sportsbook responsible for telling NFL that Calvin Ridley bet on games

Calvin Ridley, Atlanta Falcons. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Calvin Ridley, Atlanta Falcons. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

It looks like we now know how the NFL found out about Calvin Ridley gambling. The sportsbook reportedly informed the league on the matter.

Well, it seems like the NFL’s efforts to try and monitor sports betting may actually be pretty effective.

It looks like the sportsbook that Calvin Ridley used to place bets, including bets on the Falcons, was in communication with the organization that monitors betting for the NFL about Ridley’s gambling.

As Jonathan Jones, senior NFL reporter for CBS Sports, shared on Twitter, sources have indicated that Ridley’s gambling was revealed to the NFL by the folks at Hard Rock. According to Jones, Ridley’s bets were reported to Genius Sports, an entity that apparently monitors “betting integrity for the NFL.”

According to Jones, Ridley’s bet was legal and he ultimately “placed 3, 5 and 8 game parlay bets that did include the Falcons.”

That’s not really going to reflect well on Ridley.

Calvin Ridley gambling update: Sportsbook informed NFL about Calvin Ridley betting on games

However, in the midst of all of the controversy and outrage surrounding the incident and Ridley, it is worth noting who Ridley reportedly bet to win. According to Jones, Ridley bet that the Falcons would win.

That’s definitely a fact that should be considered with this situation. It doesn’t fix the situation, but that should make the situation look a little less bad for Ridley.

Ridley has been suspended as a result of all of this. It looks like he will be out for at least the 2022 season and it seems possible that he might miss more than that. It remains to be seen just how long this suspension will be.

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