Davante Adams posts cryptic picture with Aaron Rodgers on IG story

With Davante Adams’ comments about Aaron Rodgers being twisted out of context, the now-Raiders wide receiver posted a photo of his former QB with the Packers.

Adams compared Rodgers to Derek Carr earlier this week, and confirmed he spoke with the quarterback before he asked for a trade out of Green Bay. The comments — while not nearly as bold as fellow traded star wideout Tyreek Hill just a few days later — did raise some eyebrows.

“As far as talent and ability, it’s really similar, if I’m keeping it real,” Adams said when asked to compared Carr and Rodgers.

He also confirmed he left more money on the table to leave Green Bay.

“I’ll say it, it was true, O.K.,” Adams said in the Raiders’ press conference. “But, like I said, there’s more that goes into it. Family is a big part of it for me, so geographically being here it makes it a lot easier for me to stay connected to my family year round. This isn’t Year 2.”

Packers: Nothing but love between Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers

It’s unknown if Rodgers and Adams are spending time with each other this very weekend, but it’s clear they stay in touch.


Rodgers even said so earlier this offseason, and stated that he understood why Adams would want a little more career flexibility.

Rodgers is apt to retire at any moment. While he’s back in Green Bay for this season, there’s no guarantee he’ll do so for the 2023 campaign. The Packers asked him to sign on for, most likely, beyond Rodgers’ career. Did Adams believe in Jordan Love, or whoever Brian Gutekunst asks to be the heir-apparent to Rodgers?

Obviously not. And that’s a fair criticism.