Davante Adams complete quote sheds more light on Aaron Rodgers comments

Davante Adams provided a detailed answer when comparing quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr.

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams spoke to the media on June 9 and provided some insight into why he was traded by the Green Bay Packers. Adams did bring up that Aaron Rodgers’ uncertain future with the Packers did play a role in him wanting to play for the Raiders.

But Adams really opened up some eyes when he said that Rodgers and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr were similar. Of course, that got the internet riled up, but the wide receiver gave a detailed response into why he feels the two are comparable.

Davante Adams provides detailed response why he feels Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr are similar

“They both obsess over it and they know everything that’s going on out there,” Adams said, h/t Pro Football Talk. “A lot of times, I’ve seen Aaron call out a blitz when the safety’s 17-yards off the ball. He’ll say in practice, ‘Hey, he’s coming.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ And then, sure enough, dude comes flying on the snap from 17 yards down the field. So I’ve seen that from Aaron.

“Then I’ve seen Derek literally give me a check that didn’t make any sense to me before in college — here, same thing — and we score a touchdown on it. So, a lot of similarities, but much different. And I think Derek is in a position to where he’s chasing to be one of those all-time greats like that, which is not a slight on Derek whatsoever. I wouldn’t be here if I was slighting Derek. But I don’t think I’m ready to compare myself to Jerry Rice just yet. We’ll see when it’s all said and done, or after some more time — just to be fair overall. And I think the same is with Derek, where we’re both chasing it and still have got a lot in front of us.”

Adams obviously spent the entirety of his career with the Packers, with Rodgers throwing him the football. Prior to that, the wide receiver played at Fresno State, where Carr was his quarterback. If there is anyone who knows the similarities between the two, it is Adams.

As mentioned earlier, Adams cited Rodgers’ uncertain future as a reason why he accepted a trade to the Raiders. The wide receiver also brought up that the Packers offered him more money to stay, but opted to go to Las Vegas, where the Raiders gave him a five-year, $140 million contract extension.

Adams will look to provide a spark in Las Vegas’ offense. That will have to happen, considering they play the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers twice each this season. Not only that, but the AFC is going to be tough to go through to clinch a spot in Super Bowl 57.

The newest Raiders wide receiver is confident in Carr’s abilities, considering they both were part of the same college football program.