What made baseball fun this week: Liam Hendriks strikes out cancer, Michael Soroka is leg(end)

Liam Hendriks, Chicago White Sox. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Liam Hendriks, Chicago White Sox. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Kyle Isbel, Edward Olivares, Kansas City Royals
Kyle Isbel, Edward Olivares, Kansas City Royals. (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) /

Chicks dig the long ball: Kansas City BBQ’d beef moonshots smoked with love

When I think of delicious, barbecued ribs, I think of only two things: Vince Wilfork in all of his majestic denim baby overalls glory and Kansas City, Missouri. The last time I ate brisket, I almost died, because my b***h-a** stomach can’t handle the meats. Me going to Arby’s sounds like a death sentence, on par with what Edward Olivares did to that baseball he smoked with love for KC!

I don’t think the Royals are good, but I know Patrick Mahomes kind of owns them, kind of like how he owns the NFL. In between crushing Silver Bullets like he did in Lubbock, he had to have looked up and saw what Olivares did to the scoreboard. Mahomes makes more money than probably everyone in Kansas City combined, but once again, he is going to have to front the bill at Kauffman.

As they take the smoked panel down during the next road trip, I hope Mahomes finds a few savory burnt ends back there, just like he does Travis Kelce in the back of the end zone. Like Mahomes-to-Kelce for six, burnt ends are tasty, despite what their name implies. What’s in a name? Better yet, how many days could you live on strictly BBQ? This is a rhetorical question for all but Andy Reid…

I might as well name my first-born son Kingsford because we’re gonna be breathing in charcoal!

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