1 blockbuster trade all 32 NFL teams can make to improve in 2024

NFL teams are setting their sights on free agency and the draft to set themselves up for success in 2024. Another often overlooked path to improvement still exists, though: trades! Today we'll look at one trade each team can make to instantly improve.

Justin Fields is one of many players waiting to find out if he'll have a new home in 2024
Justin Fields is one of many players waiting to find out if he'll have a new home in 2024 / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Las Vegas Raiders trade for Russell Wilson

It's taken while, but the Las Vegas Raiders finally feel like they're moving in the right direction. Owner Mark Davis hasn't been shy about pulling the plug on the team's previous head coaching disasters, even as he's incurred a significant cost to move on from Jon Gruden and Josh McDaniels. Antonio Pierce won the full-time job through sheer force of personality, as the team rallied behind him after he turned the team around as the interim coach.

The biggest question facing the Raiders is what to do at quarterback. Not to damn him with faint praise, but rookie Aidan O'Connell was fine after taking over for Jimmy Garoppolo. Garropolo is out after his recent suspension for PEDs, but it would be surprising if the Raiders give O'Connell the keys to the car.

It's rare for trades to happen within the division. The Raiders and the Broncos will both be motivated to make a move, though. Wilson has worn out his welcome in Denver, and he's never been Sean Payton's guy. The benching of Wilson at the end of the year, with the Broncos still alive for the playoffs, proves that he's on his way out.

Wilson is no longer a top-five quarterback, but he's better than any other option the Raiders have, and the Broncos will cut him if they can't trade him. Getting a fifth-round pick back won't erase the disastrous trade with Seattle that brought Mr. Unlimited to Mile High, but it's better than nothing.