10 best transfer portal additions that will shape the 2024 college football season

These college football transfer additions could be what it takes to make these teams champions.

Quinshon Judkins, Ole Miss Rebels
Quinshon Judkins, Ole Miss Rebels / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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The transfer portal has quickly become the equivalent of free agency in major college football. It's a way for teams needing to fill a hole or two on their roster by landing a guy they did not initially end up with out of high school. Some programs are exceptional at talent acquisition in this manner, while others are getting lapped. Then, there are those programs like Clemson who don't even bother with it.

Across the board, the transfer portal, along with the early signing period, have become college football's two biggest unsolvable problems. More and more kids want to enroll in college a semester early to better increase their chances of getting playing time as a true freshman. With players now having the ability to go from one team to another as easily as coaches can, the sport is out of control.

However, the transfer portal is here to stay, but will probably come with some refinement as we grow to have a better understanding of living in the wonderful world of NIL. Regardless, every team but pretty much Clemson takes part in transfer portal shenanigans. For those at the top of the sport, it is a way to help fine-tune a roster to the point of being a serious College Football Playoff contending team.

Of all the guys switching schools this winter, here are the 10 best transfer portal additions for 2024.

10. Former Ohio State WR Julian Fleming to Penn State

While it had been very much and up-and-down experience for him at Ohio State, Julian Fleming to Penn State certainly caught my eye. The thought was he and former Buckeyes teammate Kyle McCord would go to Nebraska as a package deal together. Well, that did not work out, as the former starting quarterback for the Buckeyes opted to head back east to go play for Fran Brown at Syracuse.

Fleming is a Pennsylvania native, one who plays the exact position group James Franklin's team is in dire need of getting some reinforcements in. At Ohio State, Fleming often struggled to crack the deep receiving corps rotation put together by Brian Hartline. Now at Penn State, he could quickly become second-year starting quarterback Drew Allar's favorite target. This could get Penn State over the top.

While I have my doubts about Penn State winning the Big Ten this fall, I would be foolish to think that they are not a playoff team. Although they may be closer to being the No. 11 seed than the No. 2 seed, Penn State is ready for primetime in the expanded playoff format. By adding a veteran college receiver like Fleming, it will go a long way toward the Nittany Lions being slightly better than 10-2.

If the Big Ten gets four teams into the expanded playoff, expect for Penn State to be one of them.