10 best transfer portal additions that will shape the 2024 college football season

These college football transfer additions could be what it takes to make these teams champions.

Quinshon Judkins, Ole Miss Rebels
Quinshon Judkins, Ole Miss Rebels / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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9. Former Alabama OT Kadyn Proctor to Iowa

Kadyn Proctor is the only offensive lineman to appear in this article. To be fair, I almost didn't include him because I didn't think he was all that good during his true freshman season at Alabama. However, the Iowa native is going back to his home state's flagship university to play for Kirk Ferentz. Proctor should have always probably gone to Iowa, but this transfer portal addition is all about NFL pedigree.

Look, I think in an expanded 18-team Big Ten, Iowa is going to get lapped by many of the Pac-12 newcomers or other programs like Michigan State and Nebraska who will put quite the emphasis on NIL. Iowa could go 10-2 every three or four years like they always seem to do, but keep in mind that there are no divisions in the Big Ten anymore. That means Iowa must earn its way. No more finessing!

Overall, I think Proctor could end up being the latest star offensive lineman to come out of Iowa. Saying that he will be the next Brandon Scherff is probably not going to do him justice. However, Proctor going to Iowa City just kind of feels right. All that matters now is for Tim Lester to be better than Brian Ferentz at calling plays. The bar is a leaf on the ground. All Lester has to do is step over it.

Iowa is not anything close to a playoff team, but Proctor playing for Ferentz is certainly interesting.