10 NBA Draft prospects on breakout watch in 2024 March Madness

The NCAA Tournament bracket is officially set. Here are the NBA Draft prospects on breakout watch.

Elliot Cadeau, North Carolina Tar Heels
Elliot Cadeau, North Carolina Tar Heels / Scott Kinser-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Colorado's Cody Williams is not out of the No. 1 pick race

The Colorado Buffaloes barely scrapped their way into the NCAA Tournament, but now the season essentially starts anew. If the Buffs can make a run, that will shine a bright spotlight on Cody Williams. If there is a college basketball prospect we aren't talking about enough as a potential No. 1 pick, it's probably Williams.

It's important to remember the context of the 2024 class. Williams' peers at the top of draft boards have not been very convincing by traditional standards. That's not to say Williams is a perfect prospect — he's ranked No. 10 on the FanSided big board — but absent a clear, logical option at No. 1, teams could be inclined to reach for the toolsy 6-foot-9 wing with Williams' sturdy foundation and undeniable upside.

Despite his fairly raw skill set, Williams has produced at a high level and with tremendous efficiency for Colorado. He flashes as a pick-and-roll ball-handler and creator, but Williams' handle needs a lot of work. He's most impressive off the ball, finishing off of cuts, hitting spot-up threes, and connecting dots with high-feel passes.

His shooting splits are quite impressive for a frosh (.565/.421/.610). There is understandable hand-wringing about Williams' limited volume from beyond the arc, but his touch is evident. Again, while I'm not saying Williams should be the No. 1 pick, it's a storyline to monitor as March Madness unfolds. A Colorado run will make Williams mighty appealing.