3 Chicago Cubs most to blame for untimely Braves sweep

The Chicago Cubs entered a three-game series against the Braves with playoff aspirations. However, after suffering a sweep, their playoff dreams are rapidly fading, mirroring their ongoing downward spiral as the postseason draws near.

Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves
Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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This whole series for the Chicago Cubs versus the Atlanta Braves was a complete mess.

The Cubs are trying to make the postseason. But after an 0-3 sweep, their odds are continuing to fall. Reaching the postseason looks much harder.

After getting swept by the Braves and the Marlins taking two of three versus the Mets, Chicago is now down one game in the Wild Card after going through a massive slump.

No. 3 Chicago Cub most to blame for Braves sweep: Seiya Suzuki

Seiya Suzuki was one of the biggest reasons the Cubs got swept. After he dropped an error in the outfield during Game 1 of the series, the lead went from 6-5 to down one at 6-7.

Suzuki was hitting well this series, don't get me wrong, but his error gave the Braves the first game. Before the error, the Braves had a 32.6 percent chance of winning, but after the error, it skyrocketed to 53 percent, then to 85.6 percent.

In the series, he had five hits and a walk in 13 at-bats while collecting four RBIs. But his error might have cost them the series, as it seemed their momentum was zapped after it. Suzuki obviously felt bad after the event, but the fact is he cost them a game they should have been able to win, causing them to get swept.

Suzuki in 2023 has played in 135 games and has hit 20 home runs while knocking in 72 RBIs and hitting .282. If he continues to do well offensively going into the final series versus the Brewers, he could help take the Cubs to the postseason and make up for his error, but the odds don't favor them.