3 Miami Marlins most to blame for Game 1 loss to Phillies

The Marlins came up short against the Phillies, but they hold the potential to reverse their fortunes in Game 2. To do that, these three Marlins need to be better.

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins
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Marlins to blame for Game 1 loss: 1. Jesús Luzardo

Luzardo isn't the Marlins' ace, but he has been forced to step up with the injuries to Eury Perez and Sandy Alcantara. Luzardo isn't new to the postseason, but he was unable to help the team win Game 1. Long-term, he has so much potential with this Marlins team that is so young and talented.

Marking his fourth postseason game, Luzardo was only able to go four innings, but his control was quite good and he threw 90 pitches. The main factor leading to his early exit was how the Phillies ran up the pitch count on him. In those four innings, he gave up eight hits, no walks, but gave up only three earned runs, all of which came on hits with no home runs.

The Marlins were unable to recover from the number of runs he gave up. Also, because he was taken out early, it hurt the bullpen by depleting their arms. A starting pitcher should be able to go at least six innings to limit the number of relievers to three or four, but due to his early exit, they only went eight innings and used four.

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