3 Mike Tomlin fireable offenses that could cost Steelers a playoff spot

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to fire Mike Tomlin -- he's beloved within the team's facility. Yet, he's made some costly mistakes that could keep the Steelers out of the playoffs.

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Mike Tomlin fireable offenses: Not trusting his rookies

Entering Week 14 against the Patriots on Thursday, both Broderick Jones and Joey Porter, Jr. are critical parts of this Steelers team. Jones was the team's first-round pick out of Georgia, while JPJ went early in the second round out of Penn State. Both players were forced to earn their roles early in the season when the Steelers would have been better off throwing them into the fire.

Jones was clearly an upgrade over Dan Moore Jr. He was eventually moved to right tackle thanks to Chuks Okorafor's benching. Since then, Jones has been one of the better tackles in the AFC, which leads one to wonder how well he would play at his natural position which is left tackle. Moore Jr. has been league average at best, and sometimes a liability on the offensive line.

Porter Jr. finally received some playing time over veteran like Patrick Peterson earlier in his tenure. Peterson is a former Pro Bowl corner but had clearly lost a step by the time he signed in Pittsburgh. Even Levi Wallace received playing time over Porter Jr. early in the season.

Tomlin was forced to trust JPJ eventually, and since then he's been one of the best rookie corners in the NFL, including a solid performance against Ja'Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals.

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