3 moves the Chiefs won't be able to make if they franchise tag Chris Jones

Paying Chris Jones should be a top priority for the Kansas City Chiefs, but it may come at a price.

Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs
Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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2. Mecole Hardman is not going to re-up with KC for pennies on the dollar

Even though he did leave before, Mecole Hardman did come back. While he was as good as advertised down the stretch for Kansas City, I hate to say this, but him being on the receiving end of the game-winning touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes to clinch Super Bowl 58 for Kansas City will make Hardman a few million dollars more expensive. He could be priced out in his free agency.

Where Hardman lands matters, as the former Georgia star was not much of a factor after spending part of last season with the New York Jets. However, his championship pedigree is something other teams outside of Kansas City will covet so much, especially if they think his versatility as a pass-catcher can help them out in the receiving game. The big question is if the Chiefs will pay a premium.

Honestly, I am pretty apprehensive in thinking that the Chiefs would be willing to do that. Letting him go to the Jets was all I needed to see. What you have to remember is that Hardman came back to the Chiefs after New York remained clueless per usual and gave up on the guy. As Hardman hit game-winning pay dirt for the Chiefs, the Jets' league-worst playoff drought streak extended another year.

The extra money needed to retain Jones might be what is required to keep Hardman around in 2024.