3 moves the Chiefs won't be able to make if they franchise tag Chris Jones

Paying Chris Jones should be a top priority for the Kansas City Chiefs, but it may come at a price.

Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs
Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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1. L'Jarius Sneed will need to be paid top dollar when hitting free agency

Unless Brett Veach is a sorceror of the spreadsheets, I don't see any realistic way that the Chiefs will be able to retain both Chris Jones and L'Jarius Sneed this offseason. One, or possibly both, will be playing for other teams next season. To me, Sneed is the likeliest candidate to be walking. Jones has been paid handsomely by the Chiefs before, but Sneed has never made big money before as a pro.

Because he plays a premium position of need in the defensive backfield, somebody is going to pay well above his actual market value to get him. Sneed will procure the multi-year deal is probably craving. Regardless, I have a hard time seeing that being in Kansas City. The Chiefs can really only afford to pay one defensive player big money. Since Jones is a top-tier player, it will have to be him.

Overall, the chances of the Chiefs retaining Sneed were pretty slim to begin with. Perhaps he too was a candidate to be slapped with the tag like Jones and Gay could be? One thing is for sure. Sneed has made himself a lot of money this offseason. He may return to the Chiefs, but it would be detrimental to his bank account. In a collision sport like football, you have to take the money while you can get it.

Sneed is probably as good as gone anyway, but tagging Jones almost certainly makes that a reality.

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