3 NY Jets who should be benched or fired after Black Friday meltdown

Find out why the New York Jets' offense is struggling and what changes they need to make to improve.

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1. Fire Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh is on pace for his third consecutive losing season as the Jets Head Coach. His career record through the three seasons so far is sitting at 15-30. Defensively, the Jets are among the best teams in the league. He's not a defensive coordinator anymore though. He's the guy in charge of both sides of the ball, and only one side is doing its job.

Numerous times this season he's defended bad quarterback play and was hesitant to make a change earlier on in the season. It was the same situation the Jets were in a season ago. Last season, Wilson was replaced by Mike White a little too late in the season, and history repeated itself this season.

From Week 5 to Week 11, the quarterback in question disappointingly found the endzone only twice. Considering Wilson's high potential as the second overall pick, it's understandable that the team wanted to provide him ample chances to showcase his abilities. But despite Saleh repeatedly offering opportunities, there hasn't been any improvement.

Losing Rodgers certainly dwindled the Jets playoff chances, but they were 4-3 after seven games. Last season the Jets were 5-2 after seven games. They missed the playoffs last season, and it's likely going to be another miss this season. Even without the four-time MVP, he still had three years to get this team ready for a playoff race. The best coaches find ways to win without their best players, and Saleh doesn't seem like that type of coach.

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