3 Orioles most to blame for crushing Game 1 loss to Rangers

The Baltimore Orioles got off on the wrong foot in the ALDS against the Texas Rangers because three key figures were off the mark in Game 1.

Baltimore Orioles third baseman Gunnar Henderson
Baltimore Orioles third baseman Gunnar Henderson / Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports
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The Baltimore Orioles are the feel-good story going into the MLB playoffs but they won't be there long if they don't clean up the mistakes.

Baltimore fell in Game 1 to the Rangers, 3-2, on Saturday. It's not time to panic but the Orioles can look at players and staff and expect a whole lot more going forward.

Who is to blame for the loss?

3. Gunnar Henderson

Gunnar Henderson blew it and he knows it.

The infielder did exactly what he needed to do in the ninth inning with a lead-off single, but he wiped out any positive momentum he'd created by getting caught stealing.

You just can't take that risk in that situation. Henderson had a miniscule chance of actually pulling that steal off in the first place. And it was totally unnecessary.

The steal was obviously Henderson's worst moment of the game, but it wasn't exactly a banner day for him either. He struck out swinging twice and popped out with a man in scoring position.

But Henderson doesn't hold the most blame...