3 Patriots to blame for giving Bill Belichick an extension he didn't deserve

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick signed an extension on his contract before the 2023 season. Who deserves the most blame for that?

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Bill Belichick's coaching tree is to blame for his contract extension

The Patriots may have no better option than Belichick at the moment in part because his coaching tree is utterly awful. Josh McDaniels was fired this season by the Raiders. Matt Patricia, Bill O'Brien and Brian Daboll have been mediocre at best in 2023, with O'Brien already on New England's staff.

Belichick runs a tight ship in New England, and over the years has taken on many of the responsibilities himself. This is why many coaches hired out of New England have failed miserably at their next desintation. Daboll, who surprisingly led the Giants to the playoffs last year, as well as Mike Vrabel are rare exceptions. Vrabel's Titans are set to miss the postseason and enter a rebuild of their own this offseason with a new QB. He likely is not available to take over for Belichick barring a rare head coach trade.

Frankly, Belichick's coaching tree doesn't offer many options for the Patriots. Belichick and Kraft have preached the Patriot Way for so long, the lack of viable candidates who are familiar with their process is a concern, minus Mayo, who is unproven right now.