3 Pittsburgh Steelers having their most disappointing season in 2023

These three Pittsburgh Steelers are not helping the cause in 2023.

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With four games remaining, the 7-6 Pittsburgh Steelers still have a shot at the postseason. A few are having their worst seasons yet, though, and if that changed it would certainly help the Steelers' playoff chances.

Pittsburgh’s offense has struggled all season. On top of that, Mike Tomlin’s defense has been inconsistent. They’ve managed to remain in playoff contention though, so the narrative around the Steelers can still change.

The Steelers lost their starting quarterback Kenny Pickett a few weeks ago, and Pittsburgh’s backup QB Mitchell Tribusky hasn’t found success since he stepped in. He’s not at fault for the collective struggles this season, and the same can be said for Pickett.

The playoffs are still on the table for Pittsburgh. For that to happen though, a few guys need to turn things around. Some have been having the worst seasons of their career in 2023, and that needs to change in the remaining four games.

DT Cameron Heyward

In 12 NFL seasons, Cameron Heyward has missed significant time just twice. In 2007 he played just seven games, and this season he’s missed six games already.

The 34-year-old defensive tackle’s best days might be behind him. In 2021 and 2022 he finished with over ten sacks, but this season he’s only recorded two.

Heyward missed a good chunk of time earlier in the season thanks to a groin injury, which could be an attribute to his down season.

In Week 14, the Steelers veteran recorded a sack and five total tackles. Outside of that performance, Heyward’s been lackluster. If he can replicate his most recent game the rest of the way, Pittsburgh will be in a much better position to win games down the stretch.