3 Pittsburgh Steelers playing their way off the 2024 roster

Learn about the Pittsburgh Steelers' players who may not make the cut for the 2024 roster due to their performance.

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2. CB, Levi Wallace

Although the Steelers have elite pieces on the defense, they allow 226.9 passing yards a game, which ranks 19th in the NFL. Part of that is because of the inconsistent play of the secondary, and veteran cornerback Levi Wallace has been at the top of that.

Wallace was a star in college at Alabama and replicated his high-level play with the Buffalo Bills for the first four years of his career. Since coming to Pittsburgh a season ago, he hasn't had the same success.

In his last six games, Wallace only has four tackles. The Steelers cornerback has also been responsible for multiple touchdowns allowed this season.

The former Alabama QB signed a two—year deal with the Steelers last offseason. Unless he turns things around in a major way, Pittsburgh likely won't be interested in bringing him back.