3 QBs who must be benched after Week 13, 1 who deserves more time

There are a few NFL teams stuck between a rock and a hard place at quarterback coming out of Week 13. Who should bench their QB and who should stick with him?

New England Patriots quarterback Bailey Zappe
New England Patriots quarterback Bailey Zappe / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
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Week 13 in the NFL was a rough time for fans in the AFC East who had to watch some truly awful displays at quarterback.

It keeps getting worse for the Jets and the Patriots. But should they bench their quarterbacks?

Let's look at three QBs who need to be put on ice and one who should keep playing.

Bench Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian

The problem for the New York Jets is clear: Every time they say "it can't possibly get worse at quarterback," it does.

Zach Wilson was unplayable. He had to be benched. But Tim Boyle wasn't a better option. He found a way to be worse. And Trevor Siemian, who took over for Boyle against the Falcons, wasn't any better.

Boyle was 14-of-25 for 148 yards and an interception. He had a QB rating of 56.8. Siemian took over and went 5-of-13 for 66 yards and three fumbles. He had a QB rating of 55.3.

The QB play in New York is just bad. They can't keep trotting out Boyle or Siemian. Going back to Wilson feels insane but...what else can they do?

The problems on the Jets offense are so much bigger than the quarterback. It's to the point there should be genuine skepticism about whether Aaron Rodgers could have done anything with the unit. Either way, it's a travesty New York didn't trade for a quarterback to get them into the playoffs when they had the chance.

So there's nothing left to do but hold your nose, put Wilson back in at quarterback and live with the offense that produces.