3 teams that should capitalize on Rangers' reluctance to re-sign Jordan Montgomery

The Texas Rangers appear unlikely to re-sign Jordan Montgomery, which should encourage a number of teams still in need of pitching help.

Jordan Montgomery, Texas Rangers
Jordan Montgomery, Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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2. Phillies can plug Jordan Montgomery into an instant contender

The Philadelphia Phillies are fresh off back-to-back NLCS appearances. Last season ended in bitter disappointment, but still, it's clear the Phillies are the greatest threat to the National League juggernauts in Los Angeles and Atlanta. A major component of the Phillies' competitive outlook — in addition to the explosive offense — is how solid the starting pitching staff is.

Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola are one of the most reliable one-two punches in the NL. Ranger Suarez doesn't get fans out of bed in the morning, but he was pleasantly effective during the Phillies' postseason run. That said, there is a bit of concern about the back end of the rotation. That, and Wheeler's looming free agency.

Enter Jordan Montgomery. The Phillies aren't expected to spend top dollar, but if Montgomery's price starts to come down as spring training gets underway, we can expect Dave Dombrowski to at least do his due diligence. Philadelphia is not a team that is afraid of expensive contracts.

Frankly, there are a ton of similarities between Philadelphia and Texas. The Rangers weren't an elite regular season team, but several offensive superstars anchor the lineup and they came to life in the playoffs. The Phillies, in back-to-back years, have followed up good regular seasons with great postseasons. Montgomery would also join a front-loaded pitching staff that already features two established veteran aces. As the No. 3 starter in Philadelphia, Montgomery would face less pressure with an explosive offense to support him.

For the Phillies, Montgomery qualifies as insurance for Wheeler, should the latter leave in free agency next winter. This move makes a ton of sense for the Phillies as they try to keep pace with the upper echelon of the National League. The only limiting factor is money and how willing ownership is to foot another expensive bill.