3 teams that will come to regret not trading for Juan Soto

The New York Yankees landed Juan Soto in a landmark trade. Here's who will regret not topping the Yanks' offer.

Juan Soto, San Diego Padres
Juan Soto, San Diego Padres / Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Blue Jays should have gone all-out for Juan Soto

The Toronto Blue Jays were considered favorites to land Soto for a while. San Diego's talks with the Yankees initially stalled due to a high asking price, putting the Blue Jays in a prime position to land the offseason's most coveted non-Ohtani offensive player. In the end, the Yankees redoubled their efforts and the Jays were left holding the bag.

It's clear Toronto has big offseason plans. Shohei Ohtani may still grace our northern neighbors with his presence. The Blue Jays, owned by the Rogers Communications media conglomeration, are at the center of a shift in Canadian TV broadcast strategy that is expected over the next few years. Rogers is set to move away from NHL to center their empire on the Jays. A decision that becomes more financially appealing if Ohtani takes his talents to Toronto.

Well, the Blue Jays could have landed Juan Soto as a potential boon in their Ohtani pursuit. Or, a potential backup plan if the Ohtani talks fall through. It wouldn't be easy for a smaller market to pay both Ohtani and Soto, but the Blue Jays are clearly shopping for power plays. After their 89-win season ended in another playoffs sweep, it's now or never for the Blue Jays' current management structure.

Soto would have moved the Blue Jays one step closer to contention in the crowded American League landscape. Landing Soto and Ohtani would have moved the Blue Jays several steps closer. Now, it's essentially Ohtani or bust. There are other high-leverage free agents and trade candidates on the market, but none so capable of boosting the Blue Jays' competitive status for the next decade.