MLB Rumors: 3 teams desperate enough to meet Padres asking price for Juan Soto

The San Diego Padres have a ridiculous asking price for what amounts to a rental in Juan Soto, but could some teams still be willing to pay?

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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The San Diego Padres and New York Yankees have reportedly shut down trade talks regarding star outfielder Juan Soto. Soto, who would be a valuable add for any team, is in his final year of arbitration, and thus his contract altogether. He's expected to earn over $30 million over the final year of his deal.

While that price tag itself isn't a major ask for wealthy organizations, his long-term asking price is. Soto is expected to ask for at least $400 million in any extension, and reportedly turned down a $440 million contract while with the Washington Nationals. Padres general manager AJ Preller knows that any extension is unlikely, as Soto and agent Scott Boras seem determined to reach free agency, where Boras's client will earn the most money when all is said and done.

Still, acquiring Soto for even one year is worth evaluating for the right price. Heck, it gives that team the first opportunity at pitching Soto on a long-term deal, even if he reaches free agency. However, the Yankees reportedly balked at the Padres asking price for what amounts to one year of Soto, as San Diego wants multiple starting pitchers and prospects.

While it initially looked as though the Yankees were blowing their opportunity, this is a tough ask for any franchise. Not only would the Padres acquire King and Schmidt -- two proven MLB pitchers -- but Thorpe is a top-100 prospect per MLB Pipeline. The Yanks value their farm system.

New York may not be willing to give in to San Diego, but other teams just might.

San Francisco Giants would meet Padres asking price for Juan Soto

The San Francisco Giants thought they signed Aaron Judge, yet they fell just short. They then attempted to sign Carlos Correa, only for the star shortstop to fail his physical. Farhan Zaidi and the Giants are in search of their next star, and while there are several options in free agency, none minus Shohei Ohtani are as talented as Soto.

The Giants are not expected to land Ohtani -- the Dodgers and Cubs are favored in that department. While trading within their own division comes with some risk, San Francisco is certainly desperate enough to make a competitive offer that perhaps lines up with the Padres needs.

San Francisco has proven they are willing to throw money around, and Soto fits the type of player they'd prefer to pay, even if they have to wait a year. However, getting a head start never hurts. An in-division trade is always the least likely option, but don't be surprised if the Giants are at least mentioned as an option in the coming weeks.