3 Titans to blame for losing winnable game vs. Steelers

The Tennessee Titans had a real chance to pick up a win in Pittsburgh but they came up short. Who didn't get the job done?

Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis
Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Tim Kelly

Offensive coordinator Tim Kelly isn't at Matt Canada levels of incompetence in terms of playcalling across this season, but his performance in the key moments against the Steelers wasn't great.

The Titans' second-to-last drive was uninspiring despite starting at the Tennessee 48. Kelly dialed up a gadget play on first down. A handoff to Derrick Henry followed on second down. Then, Kelly didn't have Henry on the field for third-and-four. They didn't attempt a pass until fourth down when Will Levis lofted a 50-50 ball up for Treylon Burks.

If that had been Tennessee's final drive, it would have been a travesty. As it turned out, the Titans got another crack at it but by then, the clock was a severe limiting factor.

Beyond that Kelly wasn't aggressive enough at other points of the game. Before halftime, the Titans ran the ball on third-and-10 from the Pittsburgh 19-yard line with 25 seconds to go instead of taking a shot into the endzone.

In the end, it was all too little, too late from the Titans offense. Kelly bears responsibility for that. So does head coach Mike Vrabel for not pushing the aggressiveness.

This was a winnable game for the Titans. They let it slip out of their fingers.

Injury Update. Treylon Burks transported to hospital after scary injury against Steelers. Treylon Burks transported to hospital. dark