3 Titans to blame for losing winnable game vs. Steelers

The Tennessee Titans had a real chance to pick up a win in Pittsburgh but they came up short. Who didn't get the job done?

Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis
Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Titans offensive line

Will Levis is clearly a talent with an arm that can pick apart opposing defenses if he's given enough time to operate. But he's not given enough time because the Titans' offensive line looks like an absolute wreck.

Tennessee gave up four sacks to the Steelers, who were able to sit back on defense while their four-man front consistently got to the quarterback.

Yes, Levis needs to adjust to an offensive line that's not going to let him sit in the pocket for hours, but the Titans don't want him to lose his comfort in that pocket. Most quarterbacks are worse versions of themselves when they're being pressured. It's on the line to give them the time they need to make plays.

Of course, it's not just the passing game impacted by the Titans' weak line. Derrick Henry gutted out 75 yards on the ground, but it's like he's doing it on his own.

It's really simple, the Titans need more from the offensive line if they want to make it to the playoffs this season.