3 Tobias Harris trades to keep 76ers afloat during Joel Embiid absence

The Philadelphia 76ers could use Tobias Harris' expiring contract to reshape the rotation during Joel Embiid's absence.

Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers
Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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1. 76ers trade Tobias Harris for Bulls' DeMar DeRozan


The Chicago Bulls continue to baffle the NBA community with their aversion to rebuilding. And yet, it would appear that DeMar DeRozan is a legitimate trade candidate due to his expiring contract. If the Bulls want to remain competitive, Harris can certainly help win a few games. Meanwhile, the Sixers get to keep their offseason cap space plans in tact. DeRozan is off the books next summer.

On paper, the fit between DeRozan and Embiid is a tad wonky. DeRozan lives in the mid-range; so does Embiid. The Sixers' greatest success has come with four shooters stationed around their MVP candidate. DeRozan can shoot 3s, but the volume is low and he's more comfortable firing off the dribble than he is off the catch.

And yet, the Sixers have a two-month window during which it is paramount to win games without Embiid. DeRozan can absolutely help on that front, offering the Sixers another halfcourt offensive hub to ease the burden on Tyrese Maxey. DeRozan has improved drastically as a playmaker in recent years and he's still on the shortlist of top iso scorers in the NBA. That is what the Sixers need right now — a source of advantage creation and shot-making to keep their offense out of the mud.

Once Embiid does return, DeRozan should be able to settle into a comfortable role eventually. Embiid has experience with non-shooting guards. Maybe too much experience. DeRozan is competent as an off-ball cutter and there's value to be mined from the two-man game. Maxey has improved drastically as a pick-and-roll operator, but DeRozan can mix in different looks while allowing the Sixers' All-Star guard to spend more time spacing to the 3-point line and attacking off the catch.

Jevon Carter is salary filler, but he's also the Sixers' much-needed backup point guard solution. He has experience with contenders and his on-ball defense would be a welcomed salve for Nick Nurse. Carter would get along really well with Patrick Beverley.

As far as temporary solutions go, this is a strong bet for the Sixers, who can re-sign DeRozan in the offseason if better options don't materialize.

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