3 Tommy Edman replacements Cardinals can find before Opening Day

The St. Louis Cardinals are going to be without a key piece on Opening Day, as Tommy Edman has been shut down. Here are three players the Cardinals can find to replace him.

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1. Victor Scott II is the best Cardinals replacement for Tommy Edman already on the team

Perhaps the Cardinals replacement for Edman will come from within the organization.

In truth, this is the most likely route they'll take.

Top center field prospect Victor Scott II has been raking this spring and is quickly proving himself to be Major League ready. He can hit for contact and play elite defense. His elite speed must also be taken into account.

Cardinals fans are understandably excited about what Scott could bring to the table. He has a bright future and could end up being the long-term center fielder if all goes well.

At this point, it would make sense for him to be on the Cardinals Opening Day roster. With so many injuries already, it would be hard to keep him off the roster.

As far as the future goes, it's very likely that this will be Paul Goldschmidt's last season in St. Louis. By 2025, Scott could be the team's everyday center fielder and Edman could be moved back to the infield so the Cardinals can replace the slugger internally rather than go out and add another bat via free agency or in a potential trade.

We'll see if the Cardinals ultimately give Scott his chance.

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