3 Vikings free agents who could follow Mike Zimmer to Dallas

Former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has signed on as the new defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. Could any players follow him there?

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2. Anthony Barr deserves another run with Mike Zimmer in Dallas

Anthony Barr has moved back and forth between Minnesota and Dallas the last few seasons, and he could be in position to make a similar decision this offseason. Barr is a free agent and has plenty of experience in Zimmer's defense. While he's no longer a starting-caliber player, Barr certainly has the pedigree and intelligence to at least help implement Zimmer's system in Dallas.

Barr, much like Akers listed above, could play on a veteran minimum contract with the Cowboys. Heck, Barr spent time on the Vikings practice squad last season and even intrigued Dallas so much it was reported they were interested. Dallas missed out on Shaquille Leonard last season, and they regretted it. Barr is the kind of locker room presence needed on winning teams. His history with Zimmer should only help matters.

The Vikings brought Barr back in part due to his experience in Zimmer's system, namely the Double-A gap blitz. Barr thrived on that play specifically, which Brian Flores noticed right away from film study.

"Very productive, experienced, smart. Those are things I've heard from multiple people I trust, so I'm sure it's true. Has the ability to pick up the defense and understanding conceptually, so excited to get him, but again, it's the first day, so it's a different scheme, different terminology," Flores said at the time. "We know the player and, obviously, [he's] very productive. We're excited to have him and work with him. We'll see how it all shakes out."

Barr won't be a perfect fit in Dallas, but even as a veteran off the bench and spot starter, he can make an impact for a few plays a game.